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Payment methods

We currently accept payment via paypal, and bank transfer, payments via this website (fulfilled by shopify). If using bank transfer outside of this website, the customer is expected to handle transfer fees.

I sell print-reproductions of my work (prices vary by size and complexity of re-production) . Any originals will be more, but you'll get to own a unique one of my art pieces! You can see how much the price is, by selecting the type of purchase, then the price will update. Delivery is typically 7-10 working days for mainland UK, elsewhere please enquire. Also please enquire if time is essential, so that we can ensure you receive goods in-time. We are not responsible for specific delivery windows or time-scales unless prior arrangements have been made, so please check in-advance of purchase.

Terms and Conditions

All works are sent special delivery, with all prints being sent insured. Any work that I have undertaken, and sent to you, that you have paid for and you’re not happy with the condition received in, you will have 7-days to notify me of any complaint(s) about in writing.

For printed works, the process is quite simple. Firstly I will need a letter detailing what your issue(s) are, which you must give me 14-days to read and respond to in writing.

If the complaint is about quality, you must give me an opportunity to replace the works, and send back the piece at issue, along with the complaint.

After trying to resolve issues, if we cannot come to a suitable resolution a refund for the artwork would be issued after return of the artwork in the condition sent! The care of the artwork, if original or print, would be your responsibility, any damages to framing, or the artworks themselves, would be deductible from any amounts already received, which is why we send everything insured and recorded.

Cost of communications, postage and freight are non-refundable.

How to contact me:

5 Chalvedon Square

SS13 3QX

Phone number: +44 (0)7722 90 14 02
(If you call it may go to answer machine)

You can also find me on Facebook at Claire’s World Of Art