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This is a picture of me walking in the woods with my husbandArt is my passion; it is what I have had a love for doing since I was a child. From making handprints to just making one big creative-mess, as long as it was fun to make and interesting.

As I have grown up learning more about art, and seeing what kind of art is out there; I have enjoyed how it can make you feel, just by looking at what you or someone else has done. Art can make you feel happy, and inspired by the artist as much as the artwork.

I have studied for two years in college for a BTEC Diploma in Art & Design, focusing mainly on mixed media skill’s, where I learned to use many artists methods, as well as using them in more than one way. On this course, I learned which methods I prefer to others, and how to combine them to create my own unique art.

Claire, and her work have been a constant source of inspiration for me and I managed to persuade her to commission some personal pieces for me because I believe in her, her vision & creativity.
Lewis Cowles

When I was in college, I really threw myself into everything I did; this included entering a BP Contest, where I received the prestigious honour of coming 2nd runner-up for the artwork I did. For the contest the subject was green carbon footprint art, to include the BP logo. I really enjoyed what I created and I am glad to have placed at all.

I am very shy, and sometimes struggle to translate my passion into words, so please enjoy the visual pictures, progress and if you want, enquire about your purchasing an existing, or your own bespoke work by me.